a cornerstone of Canadian theatre for 50 seasons.

Our comprehensive brand package includes innovative World Premiere Play Branding, captivating videos, and photos for both traditional and digital media platforms. We create engaging storytelling promo videos featuring cast members, enhancing anticipation for each play. Additionally, our custom animations bring the theatre’s marquee to life, contributing to a dynamic visual presence. This multifaceted approach significantly elevated international brand awareness, strengthened community engagement across digital platforms, and notably increased overall conversions, marking a new chapter in Theatre Aquarius’s illustrious history by redefining their 50-year legacy in the digital era.


a culinary innovator from Hamilton, Ontario.

Our comprehensive brand package, encompassing bespoke videos, photos, graphics, label designs, storefront aesthetics, and more, has been pivotal in revolutionizing their digital marketing and social media outreach. Since 2013, our collaboration has not only maintained Dawson’s status as a trendsetter but also skyrocketed their international presence. The result? A significant boost in brand awareness, trust, loyalty, and conversions, allowing founder Brodie Dawson to concentrate on crafting his unique, award-winning sauces.


a Canadian roof consulting firm

Leveraging our comprehensive brand package of video production, photography, and graphic design, we significantly enhanced Tektum’s digital marketing strategy. Our creative content, from brand videos to drone photography, not only amplified their online presence but also ignited their social media engagement. This strategic approach has successfully raised Tektum’s brand awareness, fostered trust and loyalty among customers, and notably increased conversions. Witness the evolution of Tektum into a renowned industry leader, as our creative solutions propelled their mission from local awareness to nationwide acclaim.


a bustling local sports hub.

Our bespoke brand package, featuring captivating videos and photos, has dramatically enhanced their digital marketing and social media presence. We focused on creating engaging visuals of their diverse menu items, and authentic lifestyle content showcasing guests and events, capturing the bar’s lively atmosphere. This strategic approach successfully raised local brand awareness, fostered community engagement on digital platforms, and increased guest visits, particularly on weekdays. Our collaboration with Odds Bar has not just met but surpassed their initial goals, highlighting their unique offerings and vibrant energy in the local scene.


a journey that recognizes emotions as the very essence of human existence.

Our comprehensive brand package, including video, photo, and design, has been pivotal in elevating their digital marketing and social media presence. Starting from creating their brand identity, we developed a vast digital library, feeding all digital platforms like social media, their website, ad campaigns, and other traditional promotions such as flyers. Our monthly video series continuously enriches this library, becoming the heartbeat of eFIT.institute’s brand. We’ve also produced engaging therapy example videos and insightful reels. Over the years, our efforts have transformed eFIT.institute from a budding idea into a respected industry leader in their community, with sights set on international growth.