Dangerous products are placed into the stream of commerce by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers putting consumers at risk for injury and death. Miami Product liability lawyers represent those consumers who become victims of dangerous or defective products. Just about any item we purchase, use or consume can have a deleterious effect if proper standards in their production, design or distribution are not adhered to.

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Are You A Victim Of Injury From a Defective Product?

We have all heard by now that that the manufacturers of certain pharmaceuticals, medical devices and vehicles have sometimes put profits over safety. Defective and dangerous products are often the result of careless or unethical business practices. Many times we do not learn about products being recalled or being dangerous until it is too late. Miami Products Liability lawyers help bring these issues to the public eye. Often times the manufacturers and companies that sell the products know they are dangerous, but take the calculated risk not to alert the public to avoid bad publicity or lost profits. Miami Products Liability lawyers will bring claims for money damages against corporations who manufacture and sell defective products. Such lawsuits are very important to keep big business honest and to enforce and maintain safety standards.

At Perkins Law Offices, we handle catastrophic injuries resulting from defective products and products liability.

The Miami products liability lawyers at Perkins Law Offices have the experience, knowledge, and skill to pursue cases agains manufacturers and those companies in the chain of distribution. Defective Products from food items, to hip replacement implants can be defective. In many circumstances a manufacturer can be held strictly liable for the defective products if the defect can be proved and shown to have been the cause of the damage or injury. A plaintiff need not necessarily have to prove negligence. Other claims by Miami products liability lawyers may include failure to warn, off label uses for medications and medical devices, breaches of implied warranties and even punitive damages. Perkins Law Offices is also currently accepting cases involving recalled hip replacement implants, transvaginal mesh and certain pharmaceuticals.

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Products Liability attorney Alex Perkins successfully has litigated products liability cases of ally types including defective medical devices. Miami personal injury lawyer and civil litigator, Alex Perkins obtained justice for the family of a young man who died due to a defective ventilator that he depended on to breath. The manufacturer and the FDA received thousands of complaints about this ventilator having battery and alarm malfunctions when the main power was lost, but the manufacturing company denied the problem. Often times the victims would return the ventilator to the manufacturer for testing and therefore the proof was lost. This was like giving the gun back to the murderer in a criminal case. The manufacturer would claim there was no defect upon their tests. Mr. Perkins successfully sued the manufacturer and the maintenance company on behalf of the family and made a $2.5 million recovery after 2 years of hotly contested litigation.

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But sometimes it is the everyday products that we use that can cause an injury such as chairs, bikes, ladder, cribs, toot paste, toys, industrial tools and equipment. For example Mr. Perkins has successfully handled a product liability case involving a coffee maker in an office that sprung a leak due to faulty plastic tube that shouldn’t have been used. The water leak resulted in a someone slipping and falling resulting in a major knee injury requiring multiple surgeries. Mr. Perkins sued the manufacturer and successfully concluded the claim on behalf of his client who is very grateful for changing her life for the better. Mr. Perkins also achieved confidential settlement in the wrongful death of a young mother of two arising out of food poisoning at a Mexican restaurant which similarly contains elements of strict liability. Perkins Law Offices is also accepting defective hip replacement implant cases such as Stryker hip replacements recalled in 2012 called Rejuvinate and ABGII. Depuy hip replacement implants have also been recalled. These defective femoral stem hip replacements have been shown to cause Metallosis which is essentially blood poisoning from cobalt and chromium from the implant. The body movement of the hip joint implant creates friction where the chrome femoral neck fits into the femoral stem causing corrosion and debris to enter the body. Revision surgery is usually medically needed to remove the dangerous hip replacement implant. Both Stryker and Depuy knew or should have known of these dangerous hip replacements. They failed to use proper materials, failed to follow their own manufacturing and design specifications, failed to use proper metallurgy techniques and coatings, and failed to have proper design and manufacturing.

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