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We believe that creating your dream home should not only be a reflection of who you are, but also an exciting and enjoyable experience from start to finish. That’s why we make it our mission to balance your personality and style with your goals and budget while designing your space.

We take our time to really get to know your dream and bring it to life in the most beautiful and fun way possible, and the end result is a space that is a true reflection of your own unique self.

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Successful Renovation

Get ready for a simple, personalized, and fun experience with us!

We’re all about making the process of creating your dream home as easy, personalized, and fun as possible! Our approach at Haddon Homes is to break down the journey into different phases so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Process

We’re able to simplify the steps without ever missing one

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In an initial call between you, the Client, and our Haddon Homes design, we will work to establish a general overview of the work you hope to have done (the specifics will come a little later!) We will gather any and all additional information you may already have and use that to help establish the scope of work.

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Pre-Construction Proposal

After sending you the scope of work and corresponding proposal, our team will take care to discuss potential costs that could arise during pre-construction (permits etc.) and provide you with an idea of how your vision will come to life through our design process.

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The design is the fun part! This process begins with a second consultation with our design team and builder to further discuss goals, priorities and budgets. We then align with our architect to make sure your values are met as they begin their work. We will bring you out to our Haddon Homes showroom where, with the guidance of our design team, you will be able to see and select a personally-curated collection of products from our trusted vendors. We will put together concept drawings and a custom design package for you to review and approve.


Post Design/Pre-Construction

Following approval of the Design Package, the design team passes the project along to the build team to put together construction pricing. This includes gathering quotes from subtrades and vendors in order to get you the most accurate estimate possible. We put together a schedule, apply for all necessary permits, and begin material coordination and purchasing to make sure that there are as few delays on site as possible once construction has begun.


Alignment Meeting

At this point, we introduce you to your Project Manager who will be your main point of contact for the remainder of the project. We review the scope of work, schedule and budget again to make sure that no surprises or changes have come up and address any final concerns or requests.



During the construction phase, our team will provide you with schedule updates, progress photos and regular budget review. If and when any questions, challenges, or changes arise, our Project Manager will work with you and our team to keep the project on schedule and budget. Once construction is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to do a detailed walk through of the space with the Project Manager to address any final touches that need to be addressed before we consider the job finished.


Following your walk through with the Project Manager, a final walk through with all parties involved is scheduled. We will give you an operations maintenance manual and schedule professional picture and video, and get you moved back into your transformed space! Around eleven months after everything is wrapped up, we will follow up with you to ensure that no warranty issues have arisen.

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