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We believe that creating your dream home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience, from start to finish. That’s why we make it our mission to balance your personality and goals while designing your space, so that the end result is a true reflection of you!

We take our time to really get to know your dream and bring it to life in the most beautiful and fun way possible. So let’s get started and make your dream home a reality!

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Successful Renovation

Get ready for a simple, personalized, and fun experience with us!

We’re all about making the process of creating your dream home as easy, personalized, and fun as possible! Our approach at Haddon Homes is to break down the journey into different phases so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

The Process

We’re able to simplify the steps without ever missing one.


Initial call between homeowner and Haddon Homes to establish it would be a good fit. Briefly discuss what you are looking to have done- a general overview, as the specifics will come later. Gather any and all additional information and inspiration you may already have. Set up an in-house visit with our contractor and designer which will determine what design package is needed.


Design Agreement

Meeting with Graham and Felicia. Go over our design packages in depth with you. Assess the potential project. Discuss all ideas, budgets, and pertinent information. Provide you with an idea of how your vision will come to life through our design program.



Once the design package has been agreed upon, our team gets to work. Visit the project site with the design team to discuss layouts and drawings. Discussions on all the specifics (colour scheme, finishes, etc). Visits to our showroom and trusted vendors alongside the design team. All selections and layouts are chosen. Construction budget proposal based on selections and personal choices.


Alignment Meeting

Once the design package has been finalized both parties will need to agree on the budget and agreed-upon scope of work prior to start of construction.


Firewall Process

Final confirmation between both parties before the start of construction. This is when the design team begins purchasing items for the project to be arriving alongside the construction schedule.



All selections and drawings are finalized and passed to our construction team. Appointed a project manager for your project. Full construction schedule laid out in detail. Construct project. Continued support from Haddon Homes team throughout.

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